What is Conscious Parenting?

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Parenting is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. What makes it so challenging for me isn’t any one thing or particular responsibility. It’s the relentless nature of being a mom, of a having a little person who constantly demands attention that slowly, but thoroughly wears me down. Like waves hitting a rock that disappears just a little every time they touch it.

It sounds harsh, to admit that I feel worn out and inspired by motherhood. It has nothing to do with the love I feel for my daughter, which is, ironically, relentless. It’s something I’ve struggled with to different degrees at the different stages of her development. And I think a lot of other mothers must quietly struggle with this, too.

My conversation with energy psychologist Michelle Leuschen illuminated the possibility to change this narrative and use some tools for enjoying parenting more. I’m all about that. She talked about how single parenting is a gift in her life, and how she deals with hair-pulling moments with her son.

The struggle to be the best parent we can be while not losing ourselves is real. Hopefully this conversation will bring some inspiration to you in your relationship with your child or children.

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