The Keys to Having It All


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I have to admit, I went into this interview a little skeptical. Having it all sounds so “other,” like something that happens randomly to people who may or may not deserve it. I know that Tamara Ross is in the business of helping people get everything they want in life, and while doubtful, I was very curious what she had to say about it.

The first thing she did was clarify what it means to “have it all.” I think most of us picture big houses, fancy cars, exotic vacations and the love of your life by your side. And maybe that’s what it means to some of us. But she pointed out that may not be the picture that everyone has for their lives. Some people may simply want more time with loved ones, while others want a dream job or a flexible schedule. So, “having it all” is a unique experience and different for everyone. She coaches people from an individual perspective, and helps align their vision with their behaviors.

We talked about energy, and how we attract into our lives what we want – or don’t want – through our thoughts and actions. We actually set the stage for what our lives look like whether we know it or not. And Tamara is living proof: She has a multiple six-figure business and works about 20 hours a week (or less), spending most of her time in her pajamas. Sounds good to me.

Tamara made a special offer of 50% off her Energetics of Money course to Bare Naked Truth listeners, using discount code Naked.

Listen to the conversation with Tamara. And, as always, let me know what you think.


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